Late Summer Wines

Late Summer Wines

August and September are filled with scrumptious, ripe vegetables from the garden, the smells of jam made from home-grown fruit, and lazy evenings grilling outside with friends and family.
ISI 142 - Sipping Summer Wines

Sipping Summer Wines

Now that the warm days and long twilights of summer are here, we can relax with a wonderful glass of wine on the deck or patio. This is also the time to relax the rule on room temperature reds and enjoy the cooling pleasure of lightly chilled ones, along with some delightfully refreshing whites and rosé.
World Malbec Day

Celebrate World Malbec Day April 17

The flavors of Malbec grapes reflect the regions where they grow, which means one Malbec may taste very different from another. World Malbec Day will be April 17th, and we’re here to help you find some excellent regional wines to enjoy.

The Great Texas Chili Project

Texans proudly refuse to entertain the idea that other styles of chili exist. Given that chili was invented in San Antonio, it's hard to debate them on this point.
Christmas cookie recipes

Bake with a Cookie Elf this Christmas Season

Part of the fun of baking holiday cookies is having company in the kitchen to lend a hand. While adult-sized help is always appreciated, recruiting grandchildren may be best of all. By GAIL JOKERST
Christmas Toffee

Filling Holiday Wish Lists with Toffee

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With painstaking precision, Hymas stirrs a steaming, bubbling mixture of sugar, butter, water, and corn syrup in a pressure cooker to make another 8-pound batch of toffee, a two-hour labor of love. Every October, he begins filling orders for his popular Christmas gift.
Fermented dill pickles, Idaho Senior Independent

Fermented Dill Pickles vs. Vinegar Dill Pickles

by STEVE HEIKKILA. Sour pickles. Brine pickles. New York deli kosher dill pickles. The old-fashioned dill pickles your grandparents used to fish out of a big barrel down at the general store. What do these pickles have in common? They’re lacto-fermented dill pickles.