Mountain Memories: Eagle Cap Mountain

Mountain Memories: Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness

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We hunted the Minam River canyon in the Eagle Cap every October, never failing to find elk. Ten years later there's a healthy ecosystem, a gin-clear river, and a horribly maintained trail system.
Idaho Senior Independent — Bucket-List Fish

Time to Catch Bucket-List Fish!

By HOLLY ENDERSBY — Ready for your bucket-list fish? If latching onto a 10-foot, 400-pound sturgeon is your idea of fun, head to Hells Canyon on the Snake River.
antler hunting

Tag-Team Antler Hunting

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While April is prime time for elk antler hunting, late winter can be a good time to look for whitetail and mule deer sheds as well.
Steelhead scraps: winter fishing has shut down the industry

Fighting Over Scraps

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An emergency closure of the winter steelhead season has left businesses in the lurch. Without fish, half the economic base has vanished.
Snowshoeing in the Wood River Valley

It’s All Merry and Bright in the Wood River Valley

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The Wood River Valley has sunshine — lots of it! Great venues for food and wine — so many to choose from! Super alpine and Nordic skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, and sleigh rides galore! 
Mountain Biking the White Rim Trail

Wheeling on the White Rim Trail

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Grab an opportunity this upcoming year to experience the endless remoteness of Canyonlands National Park via a scenic overlook or wheeling on the White Rim Trail.
Rainbow Trout

Trophy Fishing in North Idaho

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Priest Lake and Lake Pend Oreille offer some of the finest fishing possible in our country, eight full months a year. October and November are perfect for venturing north and hooking some of the biggest rainbow trout imaginable.
Pacifico Reflections: Bull's Eyes

Bull’s Eyes

For years his prowess with a rifle was unchallenged. He never shot anything but a bull’s eye. In fact, some folks said, he was so good he could light a stick match with a single shot from his .22 at a hundred yard. A fellow once said he could even do it blindfolded. No one had ever seen him do it, but everyone believed he could just the same.