“McManus In Love” by Patrick F. McManus – Comes to the Panida Theater in Sandpoint

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

What: McManus In Love. Written by Patrick F. McManus starring his indentured actor, Tim Behrens. Presented by the McManus Comedies and the Panida Theater
When: Saturday, February 11, 2017, 7:30PM curtain
Where: Panida Theatre, Sandpoint, Idaho
Tickets: $17 per adult/$10 for kids 16 and under

Box Office: For Tickets, please purchase on line at panida.org or go to Eve’s Leaves or Eichardt’s pub. For more info, call 208-263-9191

McManus in Love, a one-man comedy by Patrick F. McManus, starring his indentured actor, Tim Behrens, features the hilarious antics of young Pat and his pal Crazy Eddie Muldoon as they enter their teens and discover that their fear of the dark is child’s play compared to their fear of…GIRLS! This is an educational show: You get to learn why your first date warps your personality forever!

You’ll follow Pat and Eddie as they seek advice from all the crazy denizens of Pat’s hometown of Blight, Idaho, from Grandma Goombaw to Eddie’s beleaguered father, who develops facial tics every time he sees Pat.

You’ll pick up personal grooming tips from the old woodsman, Rancid Crabtree, who takes a bath once every leap year because he knows that soap and water eat holes in your protective crust.
You’ll witness dating moves from 16 year-old cousin Buck, who grew up to be only slightly smarter than celery. Then follow Pat into the movie theatre on that first date with none other than Melba Peachbottom, the prettiest girl in the county.

Pat and Tim see McManus In Love as a public service: if you bring your children or grandchildren to this show, we guarantee they will avoid their first date until they are at least 27 years old!

The Billings Gazette reviewer said: “I laughed until my chest ached and my face hurt. And then I laughed harder.”
The late actor Jack Lemmon said: “Tim relishes in knocking the audiences out with laughter; see this show!”
The Spokesman Review once worried that “paramedics would have to be called in people were laughing so hard.”

The Patrick McManus Comedies starring Tim Behrens

“People were laughing so hard for so long I was afraid paramedics would have to be called in…” The Spokane Spokesman Review theatre critic
“Terrific, wonderfully well delivered to our sold out audience: energetic, nuanced, smart.” Director, Reif Center, Grand Rapids, MN
“The evening’s laugh quotient is off the chart as Behrens darts thorugh the boys’ search for meaningful advice on dating.” Deseret News, Salt Lake City

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