ISI 142 - Eyeing Iceland
Photo by Natalie Bartley

Eyeing Iceland

Iceland is known for its natural beauty and has plenty of space to absorb curious travelers. Now is the good time to plan an Iceland vacation, with Icelandair allowing a free stopover for up to seven nights for flights across the Atlantic Ocean.
RIchard Kossmand in the Mideast
Photo by Dianna Troyer

Remembering A Part of History Lost Forever

Retired electrician Richard Kossman said he was fortunate to have worked in northern Iraq,  touring  cultural  sites  there  before they  were  destroyed  by  millitants.  In  1990, the Malta, Idaho, native was based in a Syrian border town, Rabia, about 70 miles northwest of Mosul. By DIANA TROYER
Ainsworth Hot Springs, Idaho Senior Independent

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

by JACK McNEEL Beautiful scenery with an incredible hot pool, unusual yet outstanding restaurant, and clean motel rooms—what more can anyone wish for in a short vacation trip north of the border?