Paulette Jordan

Paulette Jordan: A Proven Leader

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Paulette Jordan is quiet about future plans but you can bet thoughts and ideas are underway. She’s a leader. You can bet she’ll be involved.
Montana Senior News — Kootenai Tribe Declared War

Kootenai Tribe Declared War Against U.S. in 1974

By JACK McNEEL — It’s now been 45 years since “The War.” I still remember it well as do many older residents of northern Idaho and particularly Boundary County. It’s probably a new story for most newcomers and a story that needs retelling.
Idaho Senior Independent — Artisan Ice Cream in Idaho and Montana

Sweet Dreams of Artisan Ice Cream

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By KATHLEEN MULROY — Is it possible to find delicious, artisan ice cream in Idaho and Montana? Of course; you just have to know where to look.
Idaho Senior Independent – Wild About Wildflowers

Wild About Wildflowers

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By DIANNA TROYER — Photographing wildflowers offered countless unforgettable moments for 83-year old friends, Sharron Larter Akers and Sharon Phillips Huff.
ISI - Joyce Steffens and her mini dollhouse

A Small World for Joyce Steffens

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joyce Steffens' world became much smaller about 20 years ago when she attended a Mini Les Bois Dollhouse and Miniature Show.