Carrie Stensrud

Carrie Stensrud—Contributing Writer for the Idaho Senior IndependentA native Missoulian, Carrie Stensrud is an RN, BSN, CCRN-CSC and works at the St. Patrick Hospital ICU. She has always been interested in health and fitness and teaches Hatha Yoga on the side at Missoula’s Bikram Hot Yoga Studio.

Round out your wellness routine with essential oils

Round Out Your Wellness Routine with Essential Oils

Using Essential oils as healing agents dates back to ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek cultures. Natural oils have a stigma, but optimum health is a universal desire, so why miss out on their positive effects on your health? Consider rounding out your wellness routine with essential oils.
Less is More for better health

Embracing “Less is More” For Better Health

Minimalism is a style of extreme spareness and simplicity. Despite varying degrees along the minimalist spectrum, the bottom line remains: “Less is more” is better for your physical and mental health. By CARRIE STENSRUD