Dianna Troyer

Dianna Troyer—Contributing Writer for the Idaho Senior IndependentDianna Troyer is a freelance writer based in Pocatello, Idaho. She enjoys family and friends, skiing, riding horses, and hiking.

Red Hot Momas, Couer d'Alene, ID

Red Hot Mamas

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Flaunting flamboyant outfits and radiant smiles, the Red Hot Mamas pack a whole lotta love in their comically choreographed dance routines.
Cliff Warren, grower of giant pumpkins

Potent Pumpkin Power & Thanksgiving Tradition

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For entertainment, Cliff Warren eavesdropped on fairgoers as they admired, gaped, and grinned at his 692-pound, blue ribbon pumpkin during the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot in September.

Turning Garage Sale Castoffs into DIY Home Decor

In her refurbished two-story farmhouse, Raegan Ricks suspended a gray, weathered wooden ladder from her kitchen ceiling as an inexpensive drying rack for her homegrown herbs. Her up-cycled, do-it-yourself home décor came from garage sales and thrift stores or was found in sheds on the small farm she and her husband recently bought south of Malta in southeastern Idaho.
Go fly a kite
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Go Fly a Kite

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To briefly forget about to-do list tasks, personal problems, or political turmoil, Dean Turnblom suggests people go fly a kite. “When you’re holding kite strings, all that matters is keeping it up there.”