RV Travel Provides Complete Flexibility for Today’s Boomers

RV Flexibility

By ROB TISCHLER, CEO AllStar Coaches

Baby boomers have redefined each stage of their lives, so it’s no surprise that today they are redefining retirement. No longer seen as a time to simply play shuffleboard, bridge, or bingo, today’s boomers are viewing retirement as a new phase to pursue passions like starting a business, moving near grandchildren, or seeing the world.

On average, baby boomers are healthier, wealthier, and more educated as they head into their golden years than their parents were. That means there will be enough variety in their choices to turn even the less taken roads into major retirement trends over the next 10 to 20 years.

Many baby boomers plan to travel more as they enter retirement. In fact, 38 percent of them have created a travel bucket list they hope to embark upon within the next several years, according to an AARP survey of 889 baby boomers. After decades of cramming travel into long weekends and limited vacation time, new retirees often have a pent-up desire to visit new places.

Meg S. and Dierk M. knew exactly what they wanted to do when they retired in 2017.

“Go wherever whim and chance might take us in our recreational vehicle. We’re able to see parts of the country that you can’t possibly experience by air or by train. We’ve had the opportunity to visit so many quaint small towns that are really Americana,” said Meg.

Her travel mate, Dierk, added “RV travel is relatively inexpensive from the standpoint that you are not paying $100-$200 per night for a hotel room. Yes, there is gas expense, but that is completely offset by the cost of a campsite for the night. Average campsites in state parks run from $20-$45 per night, which also includes electricity and sewer connections. You are able to camp lakeside, mountainside, and oceanside for a lot less than getting hotel rooms in any of those locations. There is just complete flexibility with this type of travel, not to mention what a great time for family bonding.”

In addition, many baby boomers are looking for flexible vacation options. They like being able to stop wherever and whenever they like with the luxury to extend or shorten their stay in any location. This particular age group is searching for a more fulfilling life—and quite a few are finding that RVing is the answer. Many are looking for outlets to unwind and unplug. It makes sense that people who spend time outdoors, cook at home, and spend quality time with the important people in their lives would be drawn to RV travel.

Need some road trip inspiration? Here are some stunning places to visit:

Meadows Edge

Grandfather Mountain (North Carolina)

Great Smokey Mountains (Tennessee)

San Pedro Resort (Florida Keys)

Appalachian Mountains (West Virginia)

Camp Gulf Holiday Park (Florida)

Libby’s Oceanside Park (Maine)

“I would have never considered myself a “camping” girl, but now, I’m not sure I would want to travel any other way,” said Meg. “We’ve experienced the Rockies and the Tetons, along with Glacier National Park, as well as the Gulf of Mexico from Alabama to the Everglades, and the Atlantic Coast from Florida to South Carolina as well as many, many small towns and cities in between. We’ve also visited many American historical sites that I would never have experienced if traveling by air, with all the ease of traveling in my own home.”

Meadows Edge