One-Man Shows written by Patrick F. McManus
Starring Tim Behrens
A Fine and Pleasant Misery * McManus In Love * Pot Luck
Scrambled McManus * Poor Again…Dagnabbit!

Northwest Mediation Center Proudly Presents

What: A Fine and Pleasant Misery: the Humor of Patrick F. McManus Starring Tim Behrens

When: Saturday, October 22nd, 7:30PM

Where: Lair Auditorium on the Spokane Community College Campus FREE PARKING

Tickets: $25 available at Brown Paper Tickets — type in Pat McManus or Tim Behrens to go to event page.

More info:509-456-0103 (Northwest Mediation Center) Tuesday thru Friday

Northwest Mediation Center (NMC), a regional nonprofit organization, presents a special benefit performance of the first of all the McManus Comedies, A Fine and Pleasant Misery, by Patrick F. McManus, starring Pat’s indentured actor, Tim Behrens.

Pat and Tim are donating their fees to this fine dispute resolution center in honor of the hard work they do, so all ticket income goes directly to NMC.

The one-man Show introduces 12 zany McManus characters, from Rancid Crabtree to daft old Mrs. Swisher, from Strange the Dog, to a deer on a bicycle.

Join Pat and his sidekick Crazy Eddie Muldoon as they try to conquer their fear of the dark so they can become mountain men. Watch Rancid Crabtree convince you that baths are bad because soap and water will eat holes in your protective crust. Listen as Pat explains how to execute a proper full bore linear panic and its cousin, modified stationary panic. See Mr. and Mrs. Muldoon react to Pat and Crazy Eddie’s airplane as it teeters on the barn roof headed straight towards oblivion. Learn how not to hunt your first deer with nothing more than a bicycle.

The McManus Comedies are family friendly, hilarious stories about growing up in rural America when you’re dirt poor (dirt being the only toy you can afford) and when the adults in your life get nervous every time they pass you on the street.

McManus is one of the most popular humor writers in the country. His 24 titles have sold more than 6 million copies, and five of his collections of short humor have made the top 10 of the NY Times Bestseller’s list. Behrens has performed all five of the McManus Comedies more than 1650 times in 23 states to more than ½ a million pretty happy folk.

Northwest Mediation Center is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation whose mission is to foster, provide and teach peaceful problem solving. As a Dispute Resolution Center, Its mandate is to train and certify mediators, provide community education about conflict engagement, and to offer mediation affordable by low-income parties, at no charge, or on a sliding fee scale.

About the Show:

The Billings Gazette said: “I laughed until my chest ached and my face hurt. Then I laughed harder.

The late actor Jack Lemmon said: “Tim relishes in knocking the audiences out with laughter; see this show!

The Seattle Times wrote: “The ensuing pandemonium is evoked with such vivid lushness that the audience, already moved to tears of laughter, were reduced to banging their heads on their knees in a rictus of paralyzed delight. Behrens is a wonder.”

And the Spokesman Review once worried that “paramedics would have to be called in people were laughing so hard.

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